29 oktober 2013


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A Grand Prix showjumping horse for the future will be for sale at the Expo Talent Sale. After ten auction years the balance has turned out to be impressive, but the eleventh edition will certainly also yield international top-class horses. The showjumping horse auction of Jeroen Dubbeldam, Ben and Wim Schröder again promises to be a super event held on Wednesday 4 December in Enschede. Offered for sale are 25 young talents ranging from 4 to 6 year olds.

Last year the horses went for an average of more than 72,000 euro and six of these were sold for 100,000 euro and more. The Casall son Cas even fetched 310,000 euro and went to the stables of Jannika Sprunger. All in all a big success, which is only possible when the total collection is of a very high level. Also this year the selectors managed to find top-class horses of that calibre.

“Earlier this year I seriously doubted that we could again offer such a high level, but last summer we managed to lay our hands on really fantastic young horses. I can even assure you that this year we offer still more quality. It has not been easy to get these horses. Showjumping horses of that calibre are expensive to buy, but we have clients who want to have a choice and that means that we should make investments”, says Wim Schröder.

Every purchase had to meet very strict requirements. “Our point of departure is that we only offer such horses as we would like to have for ourselves. If it should happen that they do not get sold, we are quite happy to train them ourselves because we really believe in them. So, we applied a high standard, but that is what is appreciated by our clients”, Schröder explains.

“At the same time we try to form good combinations. That is what I like to see. Not every horse will suit everyone. We try to get top-quality to professionals and offer less experienced riders, for example, a less complicated horse. That may sound unusual, but we are not only concerned with selling our horses. We can do that at home just as well. We set up this auction also because we like to hear later that the horses are doing well. Such as PrimeVal Dejavu, for example, which won the Dutch champion’s title under Gert-Jan Bruggink and is now jumping in the Global Champions Tour, or Ushi, which under Julia Kayser is starting in the Nations Cup Finals in Barcelona or the phenomenal jumper Finstone de Tijl, which finished third in the Arezzo Grand Prix under Hayley Dunne. That is what we are doing it for. We hope that the owners will do well by them.”

Among this year’s eye-catchers are, for example, Enrico M (by Baloubet du Rouet), El Capone M (by Baloubet du Rouet), Dante (by Padinus), Edgar (by Guidam), El Vigo (by Ukato) and Diranca S (by Zambesi) but also the reserve champion of the VION Cup for 4-yr-olds Ennet (by Wizzerd) and the number two in the 4-yr-olds at CSI Twente Acodora (by Acodetto).

Information and videos of the horses are online: www.expotalentsale.nl

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